Role & Responsibilities

Professional Expertise

Carla Brown assists Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce’s brokers with their needs in completing work projects. Her attention to detail, and extensive company experience ensure that all listings, transactions, and final sales are processed thoroughly and completely.

Carla has worked thirty two years with Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce in various capacities. Most notably, her instrumental role in developing our industrial research program has provided lasting impact on the efficiency and clarity of our commercial real estate research. In 1987, she started a data exchange program with other local commercial real estate firms, which continues as an ongoing exchange of availables and comparables. Most recently, she spent six years as Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce’s director of research, managing market research for all of Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce services.

Her specific, day-to-day duties include backup receptionist, office purchasing, company well-being, brokerage listings, signage and transaction records.