GIS Services

Commerce Real Estate Solutions is committed to providing our clients with premier services, which includes GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & Mapping Services. GIS has been an integral part of the company for the past 10 years. Commerce Real Estate Solutions has the ability to create maps all across the United States. These services set us apart from our competition and have helped our agents in every market sector. Whether you are working industrial, office, investment, land, appraisal, property management, asset services or retail Commerce Real Estate Solutions has the tools to help create business and close deals. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of combined experience in creating mapping products for the commercial real estate industry. Our experience and skill level has led to teaching positions at the University of Utah & Salt Lake Community College.

Geographic Information Services

  • Map Creation
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Tenant Tracking
  • Site Selection
  • 3D Modeling

Mapping Coverage Area

Commerce Real Estate Solutions Mapping Coverage Area

Real Estate Service Examples

  • Retail—Aid big box and stand alone retailers in their site selection efforts, using aerial photography, traffic counts, competitor locations and demographic analysis to help evaluate the pros & cons of a specific site.
  • Office—We have the capability to illustrate competing office buildings, adjacent office parks and surrounding amenities to help clients find the best location for them.
  • Investment—We can provide assessment data, tax information, surrounding amenities, parcel boundaries and zoning for investment properties of interest.
  • Land—Provide up to date parcel ownership and zoning at our agents finger tips.
  • Industrial—Our base maps display industrial areas, transportation networks, building information & zoning to make it quick & easy for agents to provide pertinent information to their clients.

Our services are provided as a free service to all Commerce Real Estate Solutions clients. GIS services can also be provided on a consultation basis.

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