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C&W | Commerce: Office Space Revolution, Breaking the Mold


If you walked into a typical office building 10 years ago you would most likely have seen perimeter offices surrounding a sea of cubicles. Today there are a number of successful companies who have broken this mold. Companies are changing in response to the needs and wants of their employees who no longer see achieving the corner office as the epitome of success.

C&W | Commerce: Downtown Salt Lake City Transition and Future

The Central Business District (CBD) is bound by North Temple and 400 South to the north and south and 250 East and 250 West to the east and west and is primarily made up of larger buildings in the urban core. Historically the CBD has been a hot bed for attorneys, insurance agencies and financial institutions, but over the past couple of years has begun to see a transition into additional trades, local amenities and transportation, making the CBD more accessible.