Chris Redgrave with Zions Bank Speaking on Business Highlights Commerce Real Estate Solutions

In business there are times you just know when you shake someone’s hand for the first time and look them right in the eye that you’re meeting a talent. That’s exactly what I experienced in meeting Michael Lawson, president and CEO of Commerce Real Estate Solutions, which is one of the largest and most successful local commercial real estate brokerage companies in the region. And it’s growing!

His staff has a lot of respect for Michael, and here’s one of the major reasons why . . . Commerce not only navigated the economic storm that nailed the real estate industry, they didn’t cut staff and did not cut market research or any resources for that matter. Without a doubt, it was this assertive business approach that captured the market share with Commerce emerging out of the downturn bigger and stronger with additional operations opening in Utah, Nevada and Washington state.

Michael arrived in Utah with a background in economic development and before landing at Commerce back in 2002, he was over the Economic Development Corporation of Utah. His team of professionals works with their clients in the capacity of commercial, property valuation, property management, consulting and investment advice as a Utah-based company with regional power.

To give you an idea of the contribution of Commerce to Utah’s job sustainability and job growth, in 9 years, they’ve grown from 40 employees to 260 total. It’s Utah companies like this that are driving our unemployment numbers down to 6 percent compared to 8.5 percent nationally. This company is another great example of why Utah has been named as the Best State for Business and Careers and an “Economic Zion.” You can see how the fruits of visionary planning and prudent investment are making an impact.

It’s no surprise with the climate that has been created at Commerce Real Estate Solutions coupled with the experience and talent that they have low employee turnover. Last year alone the employee increases represented 20 percent employment growth with acquisitions and expansion.

For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

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