Commerce Real Estate Solutions Moving its HQ’s

Box Up The Leftovers, Then Box Up The Office

Holiday Means New Home For Commerce Real Estate Solutions


November, 2009, Salt Lake City, UT –  After boxing up Thanksgiving leftovers, 110 employees and agents of Commerce Real Estate Solutions will box up their offices during the upcoming holiday weekend.  Beginning at 3:00 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving, they will move from the Chamber of Commerce Building (175 East 400 South), their home for 22 years, to a new destination:  The 16th floor of 170 South Main Street.  The structure is one of the city’s first high-rises, and is currently registered for and undergoing an upgrade for LEED Certification.

Commerce has managed 170 South Main since 2005 and handled leasing since 2006.  While assisting with the LEED upgrade, Commerce has also opted to purchase gently used office furniture, installed water filters to avoid use of bottled water, and eliminated plastic utensils and cups in its kitchen area, replacing them with washable items.

The owner of 170 South Main, Switzerland-based UBS Realty Advisors, is seeking LEED Certification on all of their major assets to match a major trend: Businesses and government service agencies are beginning to demand environmentally friendly office space.

Why Move?

            Over the last ten years, Commerce has expanded three-fold.  Just recently, the firm has observed new and positive signs of life in commercial real estate.  The move is part of an overall plan to accommodate new, global economic energy.

“We’re making several statements with our location change,” said Mike Lawson, President and CEO.  “First, by electing to move into a building we manage and lease, we endorse the quality of the overall office space and the efforts to protect the environment.  Second, we make a statement to our global and local clients that by being in the historic heart of the downtown financial district, we lead in trend and real estate knowledge.”

The new space will total 16,000 square feet.  There are currently 23 businesses located in the building, which is acclaimed for its architecture and quality of maintenance.

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