Congratulations to Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce Top 2015 Brokers

Congratulations to the Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce top 2015 brokers. We are proud of their professionalism, integrity and accomplishments in 2015.

1. Kip Paul, Executive Director
2. Dana Baird, CCIM, Executive Director
3. Mike Richmond, Executive Director
4. Jeff Rossi, Executive Director
5. Frank Matheson, Executive Director
6. Chris Kirk, SIOR, Executive Director
7. Tom Freeman, Executive Director
8. Travis Healey, Senior Director
9. Ralph Riedel, CCIM, Executive Director
10. Robert Lindsey, Northern Utah Branch Manager

1. Dan Hubbard, Senior Director
2. Dan Palmeri, Director
3. Leo Biedermann, Director
4. Mike Dunn, CCIM, SIOR, Market Leader, Las Vegas Region
5. Bob Hawkins, Senior Director
6. Amy Ogden, Director
6. Danielle Steffen, Director
7. Geoffrey West, Senior Director
8. Pete Janemark, Senior Associate
9. Art Farmanali, SIOR, Director

1. John Hanson, Executive Director
2. Todd Meldahl, Executive Director
3. Matt Christian, Executive Director
4. Zachary Bode, Senior Director
5. Tony Kusak, SIOR, Senior Director

1. Andrea Nilson, Senior Director
2. LeAnn Hume, CCIM CLS, Senior Director
3. DJ Thompson, Associate Director

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