Cushman & Wakefield Releases International Investment Atlas and Insights Video

New PictureCushman & Wakefield’s International Investment Atlas 2015 report has been prepared to provide an overview of the world’s key commercial real estate investment markets in 2014 and an indication of performance in 2015.


  • Global investment volumes fell 6.3% or $1.2 tn in 2014, the first fall in 5 years.
  • The decline however was solely due to a fall in land sales in China and most markets saw strong demand.
  • The US overtook China to be the largest city target for foreign investors, but Paris closed the gap with very strong growth in 2014.
  • A focus on core markets remains but interest in tier 2 stock and locations has increased.
  • Cross boarder investors raised their share of trading to 20%.
  • North America is the largest global investor by some margin but 7 of the top 20 capital sources are now Asian.

Read the entire report


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