C&W Emerging and Frontier Markets: Assessing Risk and Opportunity

C&W Emerging and Frontier MarketsNew report available from CIS. Do the business opportunities in emerging markets outweigh the increasing risks?

As John Santora, President & CEO of CIS, points out that today’s emerging markets present enormous opportunities for both Occupiers and Investors, yet they also come with significant business, political, and security risks.

Ray Kelly, President of Risk Management Services, highlights the need for companies to have adequate security plans that address their physical assets and employees.

In CIS’s latest thought leadership piece, Emerging and Frontier Markets, we analyze the key risks and opportunities of operating commercial property in 42 of the most sought-after secondary property markets around the globe. C&W has also developed an Emerging Markets Risk Index that ranks these markets according to the ease in which commercial property transactions are conducted.

The current state of unrest in the Middle East and other geo-political tensions around the world are transforming the way operators of commercial property assess how and where they do business. Transparency, corruption, and safety concerns also present challenges. However, as mature economies continue to grow below expectations, interest in emerging and frontier markets remains strong.

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