C&W | Commerce: Office Space Revolution, Breaking the Mold

Office Space Revolution


If you walked into a typical office building 10 years ago you would most likely have seen perimeter offices surrounding a sea of cubicles. Today there are a number of successful companies who have broken this mold. Companies are changing in response to the needs and wants of their employees who no longer see achieving the corner office as the epitome of success.

This change is largely being led by Generation Y, Gen Y or the Millennials. This demographic is largely defined as individuals with birth years ranging from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s. To Gen Y, working in a cool building, with cool amenities, is a comfortable and energetic environment is a stronger motivating factor than a corner office. In fact, many young employees rank a great workspace as more important than a higher pay rate. Some of the amenities they value include basketball courts, rock climbing walls and dedicated game rooms for ping-pong and pool, big screen TVs and game consoles.

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