Economic Growth Means Demand for Workspace

Reid_TimBy: Tim Reid, Managing Director – Office/Investment Specialist, Cushman & Wakefield | Commerce

The impact of new Tax Reimbursement Incentive on commercial real estate could be greater than many realize.

First, let’s look at the TRI itself. As of July 1, companies that bring to Idaho new value-added jobs may be eligible for a tax reimbursement of up to 30 percent of their payroll, sales and income taxes for a negotiated period of up to 15 years. Depending on the size of the company and the number of employees, the TRI could be extremely significant in terms of dollar savings and could mean the difference between hiring the right people to grow the company or not! To qualify, companies must create at least 50 jobs in an urban setting or 20 in rural areas with wage levels above the county average.

Read More: Originally published by the Idaho Business Review, August 26, 2014, CLICK HERE

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