First Quarter 2012 Nevada Commercial Real Estate Market Reports

First Quarter 2012 Nevada Commercial Real Estate Market ReportsLAS VEGAS OFFICE REPORT: Analyzing the Las Vegas commercial real estate market is a lot like predicting the weather. The market continues to change quarter by quarter surprising us with unpredictable outcomes. We had hoped to once again see an improvement during the first of the year; however the market turned slightly down. Read Q1 Office Report

LAS VEGAS OFFICE MEDICAL REPORT: The overall ripple effect of the market slowdown has had a significant impact on the medical office market. As with general office complexes around Las Vegas, medical offices face the challenges of rising construction costs and overbuilding of medical condos in individual submarkets. Read Q1 Office Medical Report

LAS VEGAS INDUSTRIAL REPORT: After witnessing a very flat year in market activity during 2011, we had expected to start seeing lower vacancy rates. The start of 2012 shows a different story. Read Q1 Industrial Report

LAS VEGAS RETAIL REPORT: The leading indicators are slowly improving as shown by the increase in Clark County taxable sales. In fact, retail taxable sales ended 2011 at $40.6 billion; higher than we have seen since before 2006 ($35.9 billion) and grew since the end of 2010 where it came in at $29.9 billion. Read Q1 Retail Report

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