Utah’s Economy: Changes in the Utah Economy 1980 – 2009, a look at employment sectors and private employers

Changes in the Utah Economy 1980 - 2009

The service sector now dominates employment in the Utah economy. The sector has a total of 460,700 employees, which reflects a tremendous shift in employment over the last 30 years. in 1980 only 23.5 percent of all non-farm workers were in the service sector, but by 2009 that share had grown to nearly 40 percent.

The large growth in the services has left most other sectors with diminished employment shares. Two high wage sectors that have significantly declined are mining and manufacturing. Manufacturing’s share of jobs has dropped from 16.1 percent in 1980 to 10.3 percent in 2009. Declines have also been registered by government and transportation sectors. Some of these shifts in employment are picked up in changes in Utah’s major employers.

Read the entire report: Download Utah Economy March 2011


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