Utah’s Economy: Employment Change in Utah, Counties and Sectors

Utah's Economy- Employment Change in Utah, Counties and SectorsOver the past three years job losses have occurred in 25 of Utah’s 29 counties. The four counties with job growth are: Tooele, Sanpete, Grand and Beaver. All of these counties are relatively small, and consequently employment trends can be significantly altered by the addition or expansion of just a few firms. From May 2007 to May 2010 Sanpete led all counties with a seven percent gain in employment. Tooele leads in terms of numeric change with an increase of 510 jobs over the past three years. The two poorest performing counties are Juab and Wasatch Counties. both have had employment declines exceeding 20 percent.

Of the four Wasatch Front counties, Weber County has suffered the largest relative decline in employment. Nonfarm employment in Weber County has declined from 95,700 to 89,250 in three years, a drop of 6.8 percent…

Read the entire report: Download The Utah Economy Report June 2010

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