Utah’s Economy: Status of Utah’s Economic Recovery

New PictureIn the summer of 2008 the number of jobs in Utah peaked at 1.26 million; an all-time high. What followed has been well documented: a loss of 70,000 jobs in two years and an unemployment rate spiking to 8.0%; the highest level since the 1930s Depression. Six percent of the jobs in the Utah labor market vanished over 24 months. It took a little over four years for the Utah labor market to get back to its pre-recession employment level. By the fourth quarter of 2012 the number of jobs in Utah exceeded the pre-recession peak. A side note, if the Great Recession could have been avoided and Utah had average rates of job growth during 2008-2011 period the number of jobs in 2014 would likely be about 13% higher – 175,000 jobs.

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