Utah’s Economy: Venture Capital and High Tech Employment in Utah

utaheconUtah’s 2015 Economic Report to the Governor was released in early January. It’s the twenty-seventh year of the publication, which is a collaboration between the Utah Economic Council, Salt Lake Chamber, David Eccles School of Business and the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. The 138 page document provides a 2015 economic outlook for Utah, a review of the performance of major economic indicators, and an analysis of key industries.

The report forecasts the growth in the Utah job market to moderate in 2015, but a tight labor market will continue to persist. “Utah’s employment is expected to grow at 2.5 percent, below its long-term average, while the nation holds steady at 1.8 percent growth. If wage growth accelerates in the early months of 2015, then employment growth could increase. The unemployment rate will remain stable at 3.6 percent.”

Read the entire reportĀ 

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