Utah’s Economy: What’s Happened to Housing Demand?

utah's economy housing demandFrom 1970 to 2010 the number of households in Utah increased at an annual growth rate of 2.6 percent. This rat of growth nearly matches the average annual increase in the inventory of occupied housing units in Utah of 2.7 percent. Long-term, the increase in households equals or nearly equals the increase in occupied housing units. Of course, in the short-term, annual increases may vary significantly from the long-term trend. For example, in 1977 new residential construction increased the housing inventory by almost six percent in a single year. And the years on either side of 1977 also had very high rates of new construction. This overbuilding in the lat 1970s contributed, in part, to several years of below average home building the 1980s and very weak housing prices. Over the 1980s housing prices in Utah increase by only 15 percent compared to 60 percent nationally.

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