Why Cushman & Wakefield | Commerce Boise for Commercial Real Estate

Knowing what it takes to be a leader in the market, we strive to continually raise the professionalism, knowledge and expertise of all of our brokers. With commercial real estate being vastly different than residential, there are many facets of education and understanding that can only come from industry professionals and senior brokers. We specifically work with junior broker providing them with training and mentoring opportunities; a vital part of their education that results in their success as an individual and as part of the larger organization. There are five areas we find to be at the core of any successful broker:

  • Knowledge: Willingness to take the time and become an expert in a specific area of commercial real estate. Being a “jack of all trades, master of none” does not fare well for the individual, the brokerage and most importantly the client. In order to be outstanding and serve clients to the fullest, it is important to specialize and excel within a specific commercial real estate sector.
  • Commitment: Realization that commercial real estate is a career. No one will be there to babysit. Each professional is ultimately responsible for their own success. One will only get out what they put in. Unwavering dedication is a must.
  • Time: As noted in “commitment” above, nothing happens overnight. Whether a junior broker trying to establish a base of long-term relationships and business or a senior broker trying to navigate and close their one-hundredth transaction, they both take time. Again, unwavering dedication and commitment.
  • Training and Education: Regardless of the length of time in the industry, every broker must take advantage and stay up-to-date on all fronts. From sales, technology, economics, finance, etc, all continually change. To stay at the forefront of the commercial real estate industry, brokers need to be informed with up-to-date knowledge to serve clients effectively.
  • Ethics: Last, but not least……being a knowledgeable, honest, and transparent adviser to their client. Bringing integrity to their work,  in every deal and each relationship. Always doing the right thing.

Take a moment to check out a clip on our Boise commercial real estate office to become familiar with our operation, our culture, and the professionals who meet all of the above bullet points. We are a collaborative team that strives to stay at the top of our game in providing unmatched services to our community and clients.


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