Kelesis Eden

Kelesis Eden

2880-2882 Meade Ave.
Las Vegas, NV
County: Clark

Leo Biedermann

Las Vegas, NV
Direct: (702) 688-6943
Fax: (702) 796-7920

Bob Hawkins

Las Vegas, NV
Direct: (702) 688-6959
Fax: (702) 796-7920

Additional Info & Materials

Building Information

Building Sq. Ft. 48,893
Available Sq. Ft. 6,500
Largest Contiguous N/A
Smallest Divisible N/A
Load Factor N/A
Typical Floorplate (SF) 10,000
Class N/A
Area West
Status Existing
Year Built 1989
Multi-Tenant N/A
Floors 3
Parking Ratio N/A
Parking N/A
Covered Parking N/A N/A
Uncovered Parking N/A N/A
Sprinkler N/A
Buildings 1

Property Description


Availability Information

Floor Unit Type SF Lease Rate Lease Type Vacancy Type Sale Price
  3880 B, Ste 360, Option C  Office  3,200  $0.75  MG     
  2880 B, Ste 350, Option A  Office  4,000  $0.75  MG     
  2880 B, Ste 360, Option D  Office  5,500  $0.75  MG     
  2880 B, Ste 350, Option B  Office  6,500  $0.75  MG     
  2880 B, Ste 350/360, Option E  Office  10,133  $0.75  MG     
This statement with the information it contains is given with the understanding that all negotiations relating to the purchase, renting, or leasing of the property described herein shall be conducted through this office. The above information while not guaranteed has been secured from sources we believe to be reliable.