Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce brings together teams of seasoned and knowledgeable professionals who have expertise in all aspects of asset and portfolio strategies. These teams use their substantial experience and proprietary real-time local market information to analyze and develop the appropriate strategies for individual assets or portfolios. By capitalizing on various resources within Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce, we are uniquely qualified to combine local real estate knowledge with experience in national and international capital markets, ensuring maximum recovery for our clients.

With an ongoing relationship with Cushman & Wakefield's Distressed Asset Services Division and the Cushman & Wakefield Resolution Group (CWRG), Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce stands ready to assist with the resolution of distressed asset challenges.


Asset Strategy

The initial phase is to evaluate the asset and to value its potential as a loan sale, property sale, foreclosure, or asset enhancement property sale. Each strategy results in a quantitative value. The Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce team analyzes the asset using our strategic and local resources including appraisers, asset managers, receivers, property managers, leasing and construction experts, investment sales advisors, debt and equity advisors, and loan sale professionals.


  • Proven Approach—Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce methodology determines accurate values for each strategy (Loan Sale, Property Sale, Asset Enhancement/ Sale)
  • Experience—Experienced professionals working as an integrated team, which has been through prior cycles and has incorporated that knowledge to perfect this multifaceted approach
  • Access to Real Time Market Data—Immediate access to proprietary market statistics, leasing, operating and sales data enabling rapid and accurate decisions
  • Speed to Market—Whether management, leasing or sales, Cushman & Wakefield/Commerce can execute quickly to minimize asset deterioration
  • National coverage in valuation, property management, project management, leasing and disposition services
  • Local Expertise—Skilled professionals executing strategies locally